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FAQs - New Paystub Format

1.) Q:  Why did the university change the look of the paystub? 
A:  The application previously used to produce checks and paystubs was no longer going to be supported by the vendor.

2.) Q:  Why do I see the same cash earnings code appearing more than once in the “cash earnings” section of my pay slip?
A:  If you have earnings from more than one position or job assignment throughout the calendar year, you will have multiple instances appear on your pay slip (i.e. ‘Regular’, ‘Fac Temp’).  Each instance represents a different job.  Examples – a student employee with two jobs will see ‘Regular’ earnings twice with the hourly rate and hours worked for each job.  A faculty member with a chair appointment will see ‘Regular’ earnings twice; one representing their teaching appointment and one representing their chair appointment. 

3.) Q:  Can I use this paystub as an official document for salary verifications, etc.?
A:  Yes, this is your official pay document.

4.) Q:  Will I continue to receive an email notification about my pay each pay period?
A: Yes, no change.

5.) Q:  Where can I get more information if I have additional questions?
A:  More information can be found on the “Understanding Your Paystub” handout.

6.)  Q:  Who do I contact with questions pertaining to my paystub?
A:  Contact Payroll Services via the payroll main line, 571-553-4277, or the payroll services email, [email protected]

7.) Q:  Who do I contact if I have a problem accessing my paystub?
A:  Contact the Information Technology helpdesk for assistance with problems accessing your paystub (X45530).