TRS Access and Security

Access to the university's Time Reporting System (TRS) is restricted to GW employees who are specifically authorized by appropriate university supervisors and the TRS Security Administrator. You must attend a TRS training session before access will be approved. The procedures outlined below detail what steps are taken to secure a new account, monitor its access and close it when it is no longer needed. Questions about these procedures should be directed to the TRS Security Administrator at 571-553-4407 or [email protected].

The TRS virtual browser is the preferred method to access the application.

Requests for New TRS Accounts

  • Go to the Time Reporting System Access/Changes Request Form (PDF) and complete all required information.
  • Read the Confidentiality Statement on page 4, which describes necessary protection of proprietary and confidential information, including data stored in the system as well as your account login ID and password. By signing the access request form, you indicate that you will comply with the terms of the agreement.
  • Obtain required approval signature from your department head and, if applicable, your Finance Director must sign the form in the space provided .
  • Send the completed and signed form via email to [email protected] or fax to 571-553-4406  or via campus mail to the TRS Security Administrator at Payroll Services, 45155 Research Place, Suite 155, Ashburn, VA.
  • After you have attended a TRS training session the TRS Security Administrator will contact you when your account ID is ready.

TRS Password and ID-related Procedures

  • Access to TRS is secured through your individually identifiable user id/password combination, both of which will be included in your TRS account setup notification. 
  • Your Username is your GWMail account Net ID username and password.
  • Account holders are responsible for all use of their TRS logins and are expected to keep their passwords confidential.
  • Once you are logged into TRS your access will “time out” after 25 minutes of inactivity. To regain access after an inactivity timeout, you must re-enter your login ID and password.

Requests for Changes/Termination to Existing Access

  • Department managers are responsible for monitoring the appropriateness of their employees’ access to the TRS, even if they do not change jobs, and are expected to take steps described below as soon as the need for a change in access is determined.
  • In the event that an authorized user changes positions within the same department, the user’s supervisor is responsible for notifying the TRS Security Administrator if TRS access is still needed.  If an individual's time reporting responsibilities are no longer required notify the TRS Security Administrator by completing the Time Reporting System Access/Changes Request form (PDF) or by email to [email protected].
  • In the event that an authorized user changes departments, the user's timekeeping access will be terminated. The new department will be responsible for submitting the Time Reporting System Access/Changes Request form (PDF) if timekeeping responsibilities are required.
  • In situations where immediate termination of access is necessary, contact the TRS Security Administrator at 571-553-4407 to deactivate the user’s account.
  • To request a change in Banner organizations assigned to an existing TRS account, or change in the type of access, complete the Time Reporting System Access/Changes Request Form (PDF). Check “Access Change” and provide the TRS user name in Section 1. Follow the general instructions listed under Requests for New TRS Account, completing all required information and obtaining the necessary signatures.