Time-Off and Leave Project

The look and feel of the TRS has been updated in preparation for the launch of centralized time off tracking functionaliity on July 1, 2019. All employees are now in the TRS and we've added new hyperfinds to help you select just the employees you need to review.

There are also new widgets and new genies in the TRS that will be used after July 1 to support time off tracking for both exempt and non-exempt employees.  An overview of time off training opportunities for employees, managers and timekeepers will be shared in the coming days.


  • Time off requests are visible to all timekeepers with access to an org but only managers or delegates should approve requests.
  • After July 1, timekeepers will not have the ability to add paid time off codes directly on the timecard. Request Manager will be the new method for recording paid time off for an employee such as ANL, SIC, JRY, BRV.
  • After July 1, on payroll approval Tuesday please confirm that non-exempts do not have an outstanding time off request that would effect their pay. If so please check with the manager for status of approval.

Please visit the Benefits webpage for more information

For questions regarding benefits or time off tracking please contact [email protected] and for questions regarding the TRS please contact [email protected].